Sharing is the Point

On July 7, 2010 by Sarah C. Geraci

Florida Scarf went camping for the holiday. Boy, was it envigorating. It’s been a while since I’ve been outdoors for 72 hours straight. Camping affords you the opportunity to really take it slow, stop and reflect on what your doing and what it means to you. While away this weekend I was reading a book to inspire reflection. I picked up a few ideas I couldn’t put down. The author’s intent is to make you realize that you are connected to everything that exists. The whole universe is played out inside you. Contemplation brought me to relate these large concepts to my small existance in society. I have these scarves that my creativity forces me to make. I am inspired by people that I meet, situations I am in, and materials I pick up along my travels. I take all of that information and turn it into something wearable. This piece of clothing is fashioned from new and old materials; blending history and the present tense to be enjoyed by someone in the near future. I will make a connection with a total stranger (most likely) through this art I produce. Imagining all of the life that goes in to just one piece is so exciting to me. This is why I want to make things for people, so we can all share the experience together.

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