How I Holiday

On December 15, 2016 by Sarah C. Geraci

Babies by the TreeOh Blogging. How I’ve missed you.

Thank you (my readers) very much for allowing me the most intermittent of postings. I appreciate your continued interest in my life.

I find the holiday season very inspiring. So I encouraged myself to find the time to write about it.

Coloring CardsI like Holiday Cards. I like giving them, and I love getting them. It’s certainly an effort to get them together and out (to the right place) on time. Holiday cards are a metaphor for life. It’s a pain in the ass to get everyone geared up to go out of the house. Inevitably someone poops while you’re fastening seatbelts. But if you get through it and push on, when you arrive at your destination everyone is very happy to see you. And you’re satisfied by your effort. Some years I send a basic card to everyone I know. Other years I just write to a select few. This year I really wanted to hand draw each of my cards. Ha ha ha ha ha…I settled for coloring cards. Close enough. (and took long enough)

dsc_0107The babes have seen Santa twice. They hated every second of it. If you’re like me your hoping you’ll sit your kid on Santa’s lap and they will have a meltdown. I’ve got one like that. It’s hilarious.

The decorations are one of my favorite details to the Holiday Season. I like to decorate nice and early so I have ample time to enjoy the fruits of my labor. In particular I’ve been enjoying the caroling clock we set out. It plays a different Christmas song every hour, on the hour. It’s lovely. And the girls find it charming as well.


As you can see, I’ve done my Holiday Photoshoot. These are some of my bloopers, but it went well. The girls are a good sport. It’s scary how early you can train your kid to know what to do when a camera comes out.

And Holiday Shopping. I wouldn’t normally claim to enjoy shopping. But it’s impressive how much dumb shit I am willing to buy during the holiday season. I truly let down my guard.

The dumbest thing I’ve bought so far? Dog squeaky chew toys as stocking stuffers for the babes. One is a hot dog and one is a hamburger. They are going to love them. The label says right on it that it is not intended for babies. This is how I know that my kids are sure to like them. I’m hoping that if a dog can’t chew them up, then my kids can’t either.

The smartest thing I’ve bought so far? Lottery tickets.

Happy Holidays to All. I genuinely hope you have as much fun these next two months as I plan on having.

See you on the other side.


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