Regeneration Clayworks Studio

On August 23, 2011 by Sarah C. Geraci

A trip to New Jersey isn’t complete for me without a trip to my mom’s place. She is fortunate enough to live and work on creek front property. Many Flo Sca fans are familiar with my clay buttons, which come from collaborations between her and I in her studio.

 I love creating art with her in this space. It is full of, not just work to be completed, but also works from our past.


Like this number, shown above. What the heck was I thinking? What the heck is my mom thinking, to still have it hanging? At least it matches the paper lantern 🙂


This is something my mom is working on for me currently. (By currently I mean for the past couple of years. I guess it isn’t that pressing to finish.) It is a Geze ski binding. By now you could probably say it’s an antique. A while back a friend mounted it to some MDF for me. The binding doubles as a beer bottle opener. Cool, huh? My mom thought it would be much cooler as the center piece in a mosaic. I agree. Some of the tiles she’s using are awesome, like the black/red heart that Frankie made.

Anyway, on this trip home I decided to grab some extra shots of my mother’s wonderland to introduce you to the source of much of her inspiration. Something to find joy in if you have a scarf with some of her buttons, or one of her tiles, or boxes, or mosaics.

If these shots inspire you to take a trip to my shop, please do.

If these shots inspire you to take a trip to my mom’s shop, please do too.

2 Responses to “Regeneration Clayworks Studio”

  • I just got to the box last night where I packed my new FLOrida Scarves! It made me so happy to just hold them in my hand and ALREADY most mornings this first week in Colorado I can wear them. The shot of the patio is just dreamy!

    Can’t wait to connect soon. -Robin

  • I know. My mom has the best porch ever. I hope Colorado is being good to you 🙂